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Wednesday, 17 Oct - 14 Nov, 6.30-8.00PM- wks, $85*

Tutor: Sue Blomeley - Venue: Katikati Community Centre



Back by popular demand ...........Weightloss Through Hypnotherapy.


Change your mind, Change your life! 

Weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult! Learn how to train your mind to help you want to eat healthily and put together an exercise routine that you can enjoy.


Hypnosis may be best known as the party trick used to make people do the chicken dance on stage, but more and more people are turning to the mind-control technique to help make healthier choices and lose weight. 


Sue has 20 years clinical experience in helping people resolve anxiety issues and change unwanted habits for a more productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

Many of Sue's weight loss clients battled for years to be a healthier size. They’ve done all the diets and whilst they can lose weight they invariably put it back on. Some people overeat depending on their mood (comfort and emotional eating) – they may eat chocolate to cheer themselves up as a treat or eat chips when watching the TV. For those trying to lose weight, these treats are often followed by feelings of guilt. With the help of this 5 week programme  you can leave behind the negative self-image and low self-esteem and move towards a happier and slimmer person.


          This is what previous students told us:

 My main problem area was snacking between meals plus I wanted to make healthier choices. I am still benefiting from the effects of the classes and I have lost weight since finishing the course. 


I really thought that once I was in my 60’s weight loss was impossible for me. I wasn’t a snacker and had a healthy diet. My problem was portion control. The course has taught me to make good choices and not to feel guilty about leaving food on my plate if I am satisfied. I am thrilled by my progress.