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Become a Tutor

What is ACE?

ACE stands for Adult and Community Education. Most of you will be more familiar with the terms ‘night school’ or ‘evening classes’.  Whatever you call it, it is a chance to bring our community together to learn, gain new skills, meet new people and become part of a community.

At the Katikati Community Centre we are always looking for knowledgeable and vibrant people who are willing to share their skills with the community.  Read on if you would like to find out how to become a part of our ACE programme

The ACE Calendar

Our programme follows the school calendar and courses are usually run during term time. We distribute a brochure listing our courses twice a year – one for term 1 and 2 that is sent out during January; and one for term 3 and 4 that is sent out late June/early July.  You are welcome to submit your course ideas at any time and in some cases we will run courses that have not been advertised in the brochure.

Term dates for the 2017 are:

Term 1: Tuesday 07 February - Thursday 13 April

Term 2: Monday 01 May - Friday 07 July

Term 3: Monday 24 July - Friday 29 September

Term 4: Monday 16 October - Friday 22 December

How are courses selected?

Courses are selected by the ACE coordinator in consultation with KKCRC management.

Who decides on course content?

Course content is usually set by the tutor.

How long does a course have to be?

Course durations vary. Many run in the evening for 8 weeks and learners attend for 2 hours per week. Others run for full day/s on Saturday and/or Sunday. We do also run some day-time classes. We are open to any possibilities however courses are subject to room availability.

Who sets minimum and maximum numbers and course fees?

These are calculated by the ACE Coordinator and are based on course length, tutor travel costs, material costs and administration costs. 

Are there minimum requirements to be a tutor?

Tutors are required to have extensive knowledge of their subject.  This may have been gained through work experience, formal education or self-directed learning.  It is not expected that you hold any formal teaching qualifications although an Adult Teaching Certificate is an advantage and we can assist you in gaining one of these. Our tutors are passionate about their subject and have a willingness to pass knowledge on to others.

How can I make a proposal for a new course?

Please download "How to fill in a course outline" and a course outline template, fill it in and return it to us by post: 45 Beach Road, Katikati 3129 ;or by email ace@katikatiresource.co.nz .  If you would like more information please phone us on 07 549 0399 or email ace@katikatiresource.co.nz. We welcome your enquiries.

What happens after I submit the proposal?

You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your course outline.  If your proposal is accepted we will contact you to discuss your idea further. We will ask you to complete a police vetting form and you will be required to submit your CV.  If your idea is not accepted you will be informed by email.

What happens after my course is accepted?

The ACE coordinator will develop a course description to be printed in the brochure. We will work with you to find suitable days, dates and times (subject to room availability).  Once this has been approved you will receive a tutor contract to read and sign.  You will also receive a tutor handbook to help you in your role and to outline your responsibilities as a tutor.

Tutor Pay 

Tutor pay is dependent on qualifications and teaching hours. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.